Mount Rainier National Park & Mount St. Helens

Travel Log Entry 14 From our West of the Mississippi Trip | 8.24.2016

We left Enumclaw, Washington, at 7:15 am and ended the day at around 9:45 pm in an area called Memaloose in Oregon. We started today by going to Mount Rainier National Park. At the park, we went through the White River Entrance, stopped at the ranger station (elevation of 3,500 feet) and went to Sunrise Point. The view was gorgeous!!

8.24.2016 Sunrise Point Blog Post.jpg

We then hiked the Sourdough Ridge Trail.

We finished our short journey at the park by visiting the Sunrise Visitor Center (elevation of 6,400 feet). After that, we exited the park the same way we came in and headed over to see Mount St. Helens. We started our journey at the Mt. St. Helens Visitor Center at an elevation of 500 feet. Along our drive we stopped at many overlooks, turnouts and visitor centers. After the first visitor center, our next one was the Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Center at an elevation of 1,400 feet. Following that, we went to the Forest Learning Center at an elevation of 2,650 feet. We stopped at one overlook that you could view Mount St. Helens and Castle Lake together. We followed this by stopping at an overlook about seven miles away and did some hiking on the Boundary Trail No. 1 towards the observatory.

8.24.2016 Boundary Trail No. 1, Mount St. Helens 1.jpg

On this day, we drove a total of 416 miles. We traveled through two states: Washington and Oregon.



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